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Dawne Haase

  • Knee Replacement

Tina Blackburn

  • Knee Replacement

Barbara Frazier

  • Hip and Knee Surgery

Peter Roessler

  • Hip Replacement

Susan Wentzel

  • Knee Replacement for Both Knees

Cheryl Mansfield

  • Hip Replacement


  • Total Hip Replacement
4 months after Dr. Ballard did a total hip replacement on my right hip, I was able to walk through Rome, Florence, & Venice without any problems. Ten months later, I am now happily gardening, something I missed in my first year of retirement. Dr. Ballard is the consummate professional and I feel fortunate and grateful to have received his skills/care.

Dave Robins

  • Knee and Hip Replacements
Just got done kayaking and getting ready to go snorkeling near the Arch in Cabo San Lucas, Mx. Thanks to you Dr. Ballard we are traveling again and having fun. We are scheduled to go back to Venice next May. All we do is walk there and now I can enjoy another trip. Thank you. I give your name out to everyone I see limping. You've rebuilt me from the ground up, so to speak. Both knees 5 years ago and now both hips. Perfect results. Carmen and I completely trust you. We thank God we found you 5 years ago and you were willing to do both of my knees at once. Suggestion for prospective patients: Do exactly as Dr. Ballard and his team instruct you. Don't take any shortcuts. He's the expert and gets the job done as promised. I'm 70 years old and feel better than I did 15 years ago thanks to his knowledge and compassionate care. This man, this doctor, is an answer to prayer. Trust him, he has a gift! Dave Robins, Sherwood, OR. 503-484-6363.

Brooke H

  • Ankle Surgery
Dr Ballard has been one of the most attentive, understand and respectable Drs. I have ever seen. I broke my ankle in May and this being the first broken bone ever, I was scared to death when they told me I would have to have surgery. It's been roughly 14 weeks since my surgery and although Im doing rehab and it's healing, it's still pretty painful and stiff. Dr Ballard made me feel more at ease with the fact that Im doing what Im supposed to be doing and with the injury I received, it's going to take time to heal. He was very comforting at my last appointment and gave me hope for the future. Thank you Dr. Ballard!! I will refer anyone and everyone to Oregon Orthopedics for future care!!

Jo Ann Slickers

  • Total Knee Replacement
I had only been living in Oregon for a year when I was referred to Dr. Ballard for a knee replacement. I had been putting off surgery for awhile. I was an avid walker and had remained so even with a painful knee. I was afraid that surgery might make it hard to keep walking as well as I had and I was concerned about side effects. Fortunately, I was completely wrong on both counts. From the first visit Dr. Ballard inspired confidence in his skills and knowledge. He was positive, compassionate and clear in his explanation of what to expect. He answered all my concerns and made it easier to make the decision to go forward with the surgery. Everything went really well through out the surgery and healing process. I took my first walk outside two weeks after surgery and I have been going strong ever since. I am walking farther and faster than I have in quite a few years and without pain. This summer I even did some mountain hiking. That felt great! I am very grateful to Dr. Ballard and his wonderful staff for their excellent care and positive attitude. I feel like I could not have been in better hands. A heartfelt thank you to you all.

Susan T.

  • Hip Replacement
Dr. Ballard was amazing. He listened and showed compassion. My hip replacement recovery was amazing. I had been in so much pain and the minute I rolled out of the surgery my hip pain was gone, I was walking within an hour and home a few hours later. The only pain I have had is in the muscles that haven't been used for some time. I am so grateful to Dr. Ballard for giving me my life back and would and have recommended him to anyone facing a hip or knee replacement.

Fred Hall

  • Hip Revision
It will be a year April 15 since Dr. Ballard turned me into a new man! I had total hip replacement surgery with another surgeon 5 years ago and was never pain free. After years of drs. not knowing why I was hurting I was referred to the MAN! I wasn't going to let them do surgery again but after 10 minutes with Dr. Ballard I was ready to go in the next day. His self confidence exudes from him and you can't help but be excited because he is, I'm telling you he is like the "energizer bunny". I have lived pain free, I hike, hunt, walk, workout, all because of him. Dr. Ballard YOU are AWESOME! You are the MAN!!! Thank you so much!

Debra G

  • Left and Right Hip Replacement
It's a miracle! Dr Ballard is an amazing surgeon who gave me the ability to walk again, and so much more! After years of "gouging" pain in my left hip, and severe lack of mobility and pain in my right hip, I am hiking again and loving every minute of it. To be in the woods was my focus and I was wondering if that would ever happen again, until I met Dr. Ballard. When he walked in, he had an incredible presence ~ full of energy and life ~ very confident and very real. We knew he was the surgeon for me. With Dr. Ballard we got the best of both worlds ~ a talented surgeon and a kind and compassionate man. A little over a year ago, there were many times when I could not even walk from my front door to my garage. I remember reading Dr. Ballard's testimonials and started crying, overwhelmed with hope, and said aloud to my husband "I want to experience that". Now I do! Thank you so much Dr. Ballard!! You "ROC"!

LaVonne Priester

  • Total Knee Replacements
I was referred to Dr Ballard by several members of my church who have benefited greatly from his expertise. I had been having problems with my knees for several years not wanting to face knee replacement surgery. The final straw was the end of 2012 when I had to rely on my sisters to do my grocery and Christmas shopping as I could no longer walk the distance to complete the task because of crippling knee pain. I had my right knee replaced in Jan 2013 and the left knee replaced July 2013. WOW! what a change this has made to my life. I can go anywhere, do anything without knee pain. I traveled to Hawaii Christmas 2013 and walked and walked and walked everywhere. It is awesome. Thank you Dr Ballard for giving me my life back.

Wayne Osenga

  • Total Knee Replacement of Both Knees
Dr. Ballard replaced my right knee in October, 2015, and them my left knee in March, 2016. My recovery and release from physical therapy in each instance was less than a month having met or exceeded all of the goals required for post knee replacement surgery! Yes, there was pain immediately after the surgeries, but I was off of the pain meds in 2 weeks for each knee. Today, September, 2016, I have enjoyed a pain free, extremely active summer involving assisting the Molalla Buckaroo Junior Court at most of their functions as well as attended the Clackamas County Fair and Rodeo all six days from 8 AM until closing (at the request of a couple of the Princesses from the Jr. Court!) and never once experienced any discomfort! In fact, I have never had a better time in my life! I can honestly say that my new knees are the best thing that has happened to me since the birth of my last child!!! Thank you, Dr. Ballard, for being the best of the best! Your skills have allowed me to have a life for the first time in 35 years!!!
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