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Kat M.

  • Left Hip Replacement
In 2009 I suffered a crippling on-the-job injury which would only be resolved via surgery. After 3 & a half years' worth of struggling with the Worker's Comp Evil Empire, and a half a years' worth of dental work in order to prepare, I was finally FINALLY able to schedule surgery. My Primary Care doctor, Dr. Richard Orth (HERO!) referred me to Dr. Ballard, telling me he was amongst a very small select specialists with a high rate of success. Yesterday marked my six month anniversary of my new hip. This has been undoubtably the difference between Living life, and a Living Death for me. At the end of my 3 & a half year stint of broken-ness, I was addicted to pain pills, crippled by pain, unable to do much of anything which afforded me any pleasure in life. I walked hunched over like an 80 year old woman, and could not move without a cane. It was a HORRIBLE thin and watery existence. Today, I can walk without my cane. I can garden. I can walk my dogs. I can even dance a little again! And the best best best thing is thanks to Dr. Ballard's unique technique of surgery, there are NO LIMITS besides what my body can tolerate, to my movements! I don't have to worry about "staying over a 45* angle" or not squatting, or not twisting, or ANYTHING! As long as I don't try to spring board off an airplane's wing, or parachute out of a dark night's sky, I can do just about everything of the beloved activities which had been denied me. I am so grateful for the skill, the care, the freedom!! and the decreased and tolerable pain levels that I could just DANCE! And thanks to Dr. Ballard, I can do that, too! God Bless you, Doc.

Pat B

  • Total Knee Replacements
July 1st 2012 had my first knee replacement. Was pretty scared had heard stories of pain and loss of flexibility. There was very little pain and I was able to get up the next day. Was surprised how well I was able to get around. Went home two days later. My daughter stayed with me a couple nights then I sent her home. Was able to get around on my own and take care of all my own needs, including cooking and taking care of my dogs. Three months later we went to DisneyLand. New knee was great, old knee not so much. So 12/7/12 had my second knee done. Again no issues what so ever. Took very little pain meds, was able to drive two weeks later when the staples came out. Now I can walk, ride my bike and swim without any pain. Can't thank Dr. Ballard, his staff and Meridian Park Hospital enough for giving me back my life. I have recommended them to friends and family and if I ever need another ortho surgery will go back.
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